Here’s a new thing friends

Hi, from now on, I’m posting most days, except Saturday, and most days my Facebook post and this blog will be identical. Not all. Read ’em and weep. Hey friends: I wrote this morning and part of the afternoon on my new novel and then decided to take a bath. The water was so nice and warm…

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The Captive Boy, Comanches and Me

I was sitting by Col. Theodore (Mac) McKenna’s desk when Privates Wilson and Smith dragged the kid through the door.

They wrestled him to a chair and held him down, trying to tie him up while he fought them, their hands wthpstl slipping on his greased up skin.

The kid wasn’t wearing clothes to speak of, just a breechclout barely covering his privates and deerskin leggings over his tattered moccasins.

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Comanches and The Captive Boy

The story of August Shiltz, The Captive Boy, was inspired by the real-life captives held by the Comanches, and what happened to many of them when they were released.

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