Saint of the Burning Heart

by Julia Robb


Saint of the Burning Heart is about a town and a people at war with itself, and about a love that would not die.


Julia Robb - Novelist Author of Scalp Mountain and Saint of the Burning Heart


Saint Of The Burning Heart
by Julia Robb

In small town Texas when passions run high a half-Hispanic child is left homeless and alone. A powerful rancher, Frank Kendall, and his family, adopt Nicki and give her a life of comfort and position. Family intimacy leads to an obsessive, violent love affair between Nicki and Frank. Nicki is forced to leave and when she returns finds the town at war with itself, with Anglos pitted against Hispanics. and two of the people she loves best stuggling against each other. Frank leads the Anglos and Nicki’s best friend, David Rodriguez, leads the Hispanics. David loves Nicki, but Nicki loves Frank it’s a killing war, with characters including:
Father Dañiel Muñoz, a Roman Catholic priest who escapes politics and God by drinking and whoring in Mexico; Doña Paulita, who once chose money and position over love and lived to regret it;
And Sheriff Robert Burkman, a man with secrets.

Julia Robb has written a powerful saga about love and loss in 1960s Texas.