About Julia


Julia Robb now lives in Marshall, Texas, where she works as a novelist,free-lance editor and speaker. While working in journalism, she earned six Associated Press Awards, one for “Best Breaking News Story” and one for “Best Feature Series,” among others.

In 2004, the APME Headliners Foundation chose Julia as “Star Reporter Of The Year.”

You can still read her Texas Observer stories on-line, one on the shrinking population on the Southern Great Plains of Texas, “The Last Picture Show, For Real,” and one on death masks housed in the Midland, Texas museum, “Who Were Those Masked Men?”

“I believe life is tragic, but tragedy can produce redemption. Art, at its best, produces transcendence. And that’s what I’ve tried to do with this book.” – Julia Robb on writing Scalp Mountain

Archer City movie theater
Archer City movie theater

 Links to those stories are at the bottom on this page.

Julia also earned numerous awards from the Maryland Press Association, where she worked before returning home to Texas.

Finally, Julia wants to introduce you to someone very important in her life.