Del Norte, set in San Angela, Texas, is now for sale at Amazon

Del Norte is now for sale at Amazon. Rather than give you reasons to read the novella set in Texas, I’m going to run the description which appears on my Amazon page. If you like the novella, consider it my Christmas present to you. del_norte

San Angela is a rough place in 1870, and Magdalena Chapas knows all about it; from the men who shoot holes in each other while drinking in her saloon, the Del Norte, to the man who loved her, married her and left her without a word. Now Ray Cortez is back, and Magdalena doesn’t know what her ex-husband wants. Does it have anything to do with the gravestone she leaned on the Del Norte’s back wall? The stone says, “Americo Chapas, 1823-1868, Asesinado, Dios Lo Vengara, Murdered, God Will Avenge Him.”

In the meantime, Thomas Lamb, a former Union officer, is at odds with a reb prisoner of war he guarded at Elmira POW camp, and is struggling with Cortez–a fight he must win or die.

Two Chinese immigrants are also trying to make their way in the New World. But Johnny Lan has a secret which threatens to destroy both himself and his lover.

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