Texas Guitar Man

I was in West Texas, driving through long stretches of nothing, then little towns where stores on the dusty main street were empty and closed: Windows still advertised sales ending five years ago. The only living buildings were churches, and  convenience stores on the highway. Then I saw a man sitting on a bench, playing a…

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The Captive Boy, Comanches and Me

I was sitting by Col. Theodore (Mac) McKenna’s desk when Privates Wilson and Smith dragged the kid through the door.

They wrestled him to a chair and held him down, trying to tie him up while he fought them, their hands wthpstl slipping on his greased up skin.

The kid wasn’t wearing clothes to speak of, just a breechclout barely covering his privates and deerskin leggings over his tattered moccasins.

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Comanches and The Captive Boy

The story of August Shiltz, The Captive Boy, was inspired by the real-life captives held by the Comanches, and what happened to many of them when they were released.

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Alamo heroes–Writer Talks about Travis, Crockett and Bowie

William B. Travis, David Crockett and Jim Bowie, who died at The Alamo, were heroes who can’t be judged by modern standards, says historian William Davis.

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Randy Eickhoff Writes Old West and Ireland

Randy Eickhoff writes novels about the Old West, about Wild Bill Hickok and Doc Holliday, writes thrillers set in Ireland, about returned Vietnam vets, thrillers about Vietnam during the war, has translated The Odyssey and Irish myths.

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Del Norte, set in San Angela, Texas, is now for sale at Amazon

San Angela is a rough place in 1870, and Magdalena Chapas knows all about it; from the men who shoot holes in each other while drinking in her saloon, the Del Norte, to the man who loved her, married her and left her without a word.

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I Refuse to be Politically Correct: Historical novels, Texas and history.

I hate political correctness, both as a person who writes historical novels and as a human.

Political correctness is a tyrant which forces an otherwise free country into unwilling silence.

Some political correctness silences “hate speech” (I’m against hate speech, and hate in general), but some political correctness silences good sense and fairness.

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