Jesse James Rides Again through author Mark Gardner

Readers, Mark Gardner wrote this book about Jesse James and his gang, and it’s so fascinating I read it twice. Gardner is a wonderful researcher and writer, and so far has also written about Billy the Kid and Teddy Roosevelt. He’s also a talented musician. So, without further ado.. ROBB: In the book, you made it…

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Teddy and his Rough Riders: Yes they did take San Juan Hill

  Readers, Mark Lee Gardner has written a fascinating book about Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, names everyone knows, but no one knows much about. Here’s the first interesting fact. Although some writers have claimed Teddy did not storm San Juan Hill, or Heights, in fact he and his men did that very thing.…

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Billy The Kid–To Hell on a Fast Horse

Author Mark Gardner tells us everything we wanted to know about Billy the Kid; that Billy had a (previously undiscovered) brother he visited, and Billy was armed when he was killed. Experts have led us to believe the kid was not armed.

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