What did the first people think?

A group of art lovers disdain Howard Terpning; a famous artist who has painted hundreds of canvases depicting tribal peoples, especially  the first peoples on this continent. These canvases are considered romantic illustrations, thus cheap. Personally, I’ve learned a lot from Terpning. Tribal peoples had no science, therefore they didn’t know why it rained, or what caused…

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Rebel Yell and Comanche Moon: Sam Gwynne Speaks.

 Hi S.C. Gwynne (better known as Sam Gwynne): Thanks so much for talking to me. I’ve admired you for years, since I read Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History.  Not only do I admire the job you did…

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Bad Hand–A Politically Incorrect Indian

Bad Hand, a Seminole Indian, makes his living in very modern ways, explaining 19th century Plains Indians, modeling, performing stunts in movies, training extras to act like Indian warriors and making crafts.

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