Kit Carson, Blood and Thunder: An interview with Hampton Sides

Americans eager to follow the path of American conquest need to read “Blood and Thunder,” an historical narrative about Kit Carson, his life and times.

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Jesse James Rides Again through author Mark Gardner

Readers, Mark Gardner wrote this book about Jesse James and his gang, and it’s so fascinating I read it twice. Gardner is a wonderful researcher and writer, and so far has also written about Billy the Kid and Teddy Roosevelt. He’s also a talented musician. So, without further ado.. ROBB: In the book, you made it…

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General Sheridan and the Indian Wars: Paul Hutton Speaks

READERS, Many of you know historian and author Paul Andrew Hutton from his recent book, The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started the Longest War in American History. But Hutton also wrote Phil Sheridan and His Army, (a Spur Award winner) and that’s what this interview is…

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Teddy and his Rough Riders: Yes they did take San Juan Hill

  Readers, Mark Lee Gardner has written a fascinating book about Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, names everyone knows, but no one knows much about. Here’s the first interesting fact. Although some writers have claimed Teddy did not storm San Juan Hill, or Heights, in fact he and his men did that very thing.…

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From Cochise to Geronimo, Paul Hutton narrates The Apache Wars

In The Apache Wars, Paul Hutton takes us from 1861, when a bungling Army lieutenant began the war by attempting to take Cochise captive, to exchange him for 12-year-old Felix Ward (later Mickey Free), until the late 1880’s, when Geronimo surrendered for the last time.

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Tom Rizzo and His Stories: You Can’t Stop With One

  Hello readers: I began to read The Lawbreakers, by Tom Rizzo, a few days ago and couldn’t stop, so I finished and bought The Law Keepers. Real-life stories about the West’s lawmen and their opponents are like popcorn, once you start you don’t want to stop. So, of course, my next move was to interview author Tom…

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Custer’s Last Stand and The Strategy of Defeat

The “strategy” of George Armstrong Custer’s defeat at the Little Big Horn lies in the interpretation of the orders he received from his boss, Brigadier General Alfred Howe Terry.

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Greg Michno, Sand Creek and The End of History

Michno believes his books have not changed the perception of Sand Creek, “or that anything will. What I hope is that those who read the book will possibly come away with some understanding as to why they will not change their minds, no matter what the facts are.”

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The Captive Boy, Comanches and Me

I was sitting by Col. Theodore (Mac) McKenna’s desk when Privates Wilson and Smith dragged the kid through the door.

They wrestled him to a chair and held him down, trying to tie him up while he fought them, their hands wthpstl slipping on his greased up skin.

The kid wasn’t wearing clothes to speak of, just a breechclout barely covering his privates and deerskin leggings over his tattered moccasins.

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