Steve Mathisen Praises Julia

Children’s story author Steve Mathisen praises Julia’s abilities to develop rich characters and accurate historic views. Read what he has to say:

Author Julia Robb, I believe, is unique among authors today because of the clarity she brings to her work. Having read both of her published works “Scalp Mountain” and “Saint of the Burning Heart”, I can tell you that she tells the truth in her writing. Her work is both historical and current. She addresses issues with the clarity of a reporter and a rare sensitivity to the issues that underlie the stories she tells.

She creates compelling, complex characters. In both of her books, I found her characterization made me identify with some characters, feel the pain (or joy) of others. They became etched in my memories of the books.

Her powers of description are rich and nuanced enough to make you feel like you are there, in Texas. You feel the heat and the dust. You smell the sweet air after a rain. Your bones also hurt after a long ride or taking a beating.

The historical and social clarity of her work shows that she not only has compelling stories to tell, but she puts them in accurate settings where you can see the characters traits (and flaws) in full light. She doesn’t always wrap things up in nice, neat little packages with happy endings. But, she leaves you with a sense of having been there. Life (in reality) does not always have happy endings. Her stories are true to that reality.

 — Steve Mathisen

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