Rough Edges Reviews Scalp Mountain

Author and Blogger James Reasoner reviewed Julia Robb’s debut book ‘Scalp Mountain‘ describing her unique style for story-telling.

Her own quote “Everyone was right, everyone was wrong and everyone got hurt” depicts her talent and skill to tell it like it really was. Relationships, people in general and situations are complex — the truth is in there somewhere — outside of either story.

Reasoner also points out that many Westerns are unfairly labeled as black-and-white stories with a clear good guy-bad guy characters, but he doesn’t believe so and states that Ms. Robb’s novel fits comfortably in the Western genre.

James Reasoner is a Western genre author as well as a member of several Western Literary associations as is evident by the long list of blogs that regularly enjoy his own contributions.

You can find Mr. Reasoner’s Rough Edges blog by clicking here.¬†And read his review of ‘Scalp Mountain’ here.

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