Rich Weatherly Endorses Julia Robb

Rich Weatherly, Author, Blogger and Book Reviewer had this to say about Julia’s novels:

I had the pleasure of meeting Julia during the summer of 2012 after reading her debut novel Scalp Mountain. Since then I’ve read Saint of the Burning Heart and many of her well crafted articles on Caleb Pirtle’s VentureGalleries.
Julia has a unique talent, when writing about Texas and Texans and their local dialects. A veteran journalist, Julia’s work is well researched and thought out. In addition to her research, she has the benefit of having lived in and loved the landscape and people she writes about. That is reflected in her work. She gives unflinching portrayals of her character’s failures and sensitive insights into their lives and successes. I’ve enjoyed reading Julia Robb’s work and look forward to her future releases.

– Rich Weatherly, Author

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